What should be the Qualities of Life Partner?

Qualities of a Life Partner

Now a day finding a life partner could be very challenging. At times may don’t know what they want.

Selecting a perfect life partner is the most important thing.

Here are a few characteristics which you can look for in a mate. Note, however, that there is no such thing as perfect, so you may not find someone with all the characteristics listed below.

1)    Admits when he/she is wrong.

2)    Accepting you for who you are.

3)    Could be a shoulder to lean on.

4)    Allows being yourself in his/her presence and even when you are in the company of friends.

5)    Even though he/she doesn’t have many books, sense, he/she must have common sense. That is the ability to think off the back of his/her head.

6)     Don’t gossip or acts as a busybody or encourages you in any such thing.

7)    Possesses patience.

Possesses patience.

8)    Honest and truthful about everything including emotions, the past, present, and future.

9)    Knows how to dress and in a modest manner.

10) Can be trusted with other friends.

11) Someone strong, well-built in the statue.

12) Faithful and committed to the relationship for a long-time.

13) Supportive and trusts your decision-making and vice versa.

14) Willing to wait.

15) Is willing to compromise, at least just enough to make things better.

Is willing to compromise, at least just enough to make things better

16) Some who know how to lead but are not a dictator.

17) Can be able to parent his/her children.

18) Can be trusted when alone together.

19) Considerate towards others.

20) Punctual and conscious of time.

21) Is sure of what he/she wants to accomplish in life.

22) Loves in spite of faults and weaknesses.

Loves in spite of faults and weaknesses

23) Does not pressure you or ask you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

24) Believes it when you pray, and have faith in God.

25) A good conversationalist.

26) Don’t follow the crowd or what others are doing.

27) Have a good job or career.

28) Respects you as well as his/her family members and those in authority.

29) Ambitious.

30) Understanding.


31) Don’t give up easily and is willing to go the extra mile.

32) Respects you as well as his/her family members and those in authority.

33) Loves to pray in everything or in every situation.

34) Fun to be with or have a good sense of humor.

35) Don’t get jealous when you talk with other friends.

36) Not boastful or bragging.

37) Loves to pray in everything or in every situation.

38) Helpful towards you and towards people in need.

39) Don’t make promises he/she can’t keep.

40) Don’t embarrass yourself in front of others.

41) Don’t bring up the past.

Don't bring up the past

42) Open-minded.

43) Has good money management.

44) Has a positive outlook on life.

45) Have his/her own place or is looking or building one.

46) Available when you need him/her.

Available when you need

47) Be Original.

48) Is sure of himself/herself. That is, he/she has a high level of self-esteem and self-confidence.

49) Neat and tidy.

50) Knows when to be quiet, talk, stop, tell you something nice, etc.

These are the qualities of a life partner. Follow these steps and enjoy your relationship.




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