Selection of suitable life Partner a Tough Task


The selection of a suitable life partner is really a tough task as well as important because the rest of the life we will spend with our life partner. We have to find a good and suitable life partner.

So you have decided, “To hell with this single life, I want a good life partner by my side.” What must I do, to find one?

Society has created a much different type of peoples that we see every day, so how do you go about finding a special life partner? Finding a good life partner is difficult for everyone.

Tips for selection of suitable life partner

I shall help you by giving the three following tips :

Should you just let your family and friends choose a good partner for you?

Should you just let your family and friends choose a good partner for you

Well, if you want your friends and family to live your life, then the answer is yes.

If you want to live your own life in the way that you choose, then consider the following.

Your friends and family will choose a partner based on the standards of what they consider good.

For example; your friends might want you to have a partner that does everything you say.

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If you were to follow these friends and choose a partner that does this. What would be the point of having a partner? You might as well talk to yourself and answer all your own questions.

Let’s say that you are wrong. for example,

This person would just say what they believe you want to hear, and so you might go ahead and make some terrible mistakes.

Such as buying that car you know you cannot afford just as a means to impress the lads (your friends).

On the other hand, let’s say you allow your mother to choose a partner for you.

She may just choose a partner that fits the role that she undertook.

So in the case where you are seeking a good woman as a partner.

She might just want an “old fashion woman” for you that just stays at home, cook, and have children.

Now, what if you want a woman by your side to help build a business and grow as you grow.

You can now see a problem, can’t you?

You will find that friends and family normally make the following observations:

  • The person is too skinny.
  • The person is too ugly.
  • The person is too fat.

I would not be seen dead with that person.

You will find that friends and family normally make the following observations:

You can take advice from family and friends, but in the end, the decision must be yours.

So if you want to find a good partner, then you must search for some of the following qualities:

  • Someone who comes to decisions by including you.
  • Someone who wants the best for you.
  • Someone who is a good lover but also a good friend.
  • Someone who tells you when you are wrong, and praises you when you are right.
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 Did you just see this person on the dance floor in a club?

This person is normally very similar to the one found on the social media site, in the sense that clubbing and going out with friends is the highlight of their life.

Just as the likes and followers were the highlights of the social media lover.

Will this person be happy with just staying in, more often just you and them?

You could find that the answer to that question is “NO”. “You are not fun anymore, and I am sick of this”. Might be some of the words you hear.

The question again is this; “who are you to want to stop this person from having fun in what they believe to be their prime”.my life partner


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