Who is your life partner?

Starting letter of the name of Your Life Partner

Life is incomplete without a partner. Your life partner is one who is a companion of your whole life. You discuss your whole day activities with him. You can make consolation by sharing. If your life partner is your loved one, you feel proud to announce him to everyone.

On the other hand, if your life partner is someone who you don’t like due to several causes, then your grief becomes the reason to gain sympathy from your society.

Starting letter of name of Your Life Partner


When a person put a step in the list of teenagers, the desire of having sexual satisfaction has started to develop inside the heart.

A man starts looking around and always attracted by the opposite sex. His interest may develop towards thinking about a life partner.

I think you will also face this time when you had searched for who is your life partner?

Yes, it is a fact that some people don’t want to engage themself in any relation.

Instead of getting married, they go with dating and make illegal relations. It is all about your choice.

Here I find a chance to share my feelings about a life partner.

My life partner, whom I never meet in real life but he is one who lives in my dream, I can see him when I close my eyes.

I call him with imaginative name, starting from the letter, I. he is my ideal.

Who is your life partner? Starting letter of name of Your Life Partner

Who loves me and can fight for me against the whole world.

He made a small home where he lives along with me. The surrounding area is grassy. There is a lake at a little distance from our home.

Every evening we come out from home and walk up to this beautiful lake by holding each other’s hand.

After reaching the lake, we sit down. He puts his head on my lap. I see in his eyes for a long time and forget all my sorrows.

His company has a magical effect on the environment.

I feel to get lost in the surrounding. Time passes so instantly and darkness comes to remind us to go to your bed and enjoy a romantic night with our adorable life partner.

We have to come back home. I made a meal for him.

I always put the first bite to his mouth from my hand. He also does similar.

We sleep and there is a new morning waiting for us the next day.

Yes, there are always difficulties in life.

My difficulty is the people of the world or some relatives who are jealous of our charm full, lovely lifestyle.

They always try to put ambiguities between us.

They cannot afford our relation to carry on so they try to make us far from each other but our love is very strong that can face all hurdles.

My life partner is caring and always trusts me.

So no one has born till yet who can break our relation. It is forever till the last breath of life. We live together and will die together in each other’s arms.

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