About Us

Your life partner is a magazine that is based on the description of the most significant relationship in society. It describes the facts of husband and wives relation in the form of stories. This magazine contains, reasons for success or failure of the relationship and it also enlightens different sources to make your relation strong with your life partner by applying different strategies. It motivates towards the celebration of memorable moments with your life partner through beautiful love poems and romantic quotes. People have got chance to accurate the complications with a partner through guidance providing in this magazine. People from social media also like it as there is an opportunity to become part of the magazine by publishing your opinion or your own story with your life partner, here.

Who We are

Life partner plays an important role in our life. There are many factors that one needs to consider while choosing a life partner. Our website provides a platform that gives a description of lifestyle with interesting categories. Beautiful poems and interesting quotes can make the visitor enjoy without getting bored. User can also share his personal experience with others in the form of stories.

Our motive is to put light on different aspects of life so that reader can know the importance of different relations while living within specific lifestyles. Poems and quotes help in the easy understanding of something that one’s desire. We ensure to have feelings of more satisfaction inside the reader’s heart. We facilitate the visitor and he may spend his time more comfortably with us.

Nizam Ud Deen

CEO and Key Manager

To create a clear vision, the CEO needs to have a good sense of what is going on in the industry and with the competition. The primary responsibility of the CEO includes making decisions and acting as the main point of communication. He requires a wide range of skills to excel. CEO is not only the communicator of the vision, but he also is the consensus builder for that vision.

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