A Comparison in Soulmate and a life partner

Here Today we discuss A Comparison in Soulmate and a life partner. I have always thought that soul mate and life partner are the same, but I guess I was wrong all this time or could be not. I have always thought that my life partner is my soul mate, that the two of them are just two people until I have read this. Upon reading this, everything started to make sense. But first,

what are a soul mate and a life partner?

Let’s find out!


Someone who is aligned with your soul and is sent to challenge, awaken and stir different parts of you in order for your soul to transcend to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. Once the lesson has been learned, physical separation usually occurs.soulmat

Life partner:

A companion, a friend, a stable and secure individual who you can lean on, trust, and depend on to help you through life. There is a mutual feeling of love and respect and you are both in sync with each other’s needs and wants.

Everyone wants to meet their Soulmate. We have many soul mates in our lives but their purpose is all the same.

They are here to challenge and awaken us so our soul can evolve into a higher state of perception.

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If you really want to connect with a Soulmate, you need to align with your own soul.

You need to discover who you are, honour yourself, and begin following your heart.

When you align with your true self, you are then instantly in the vibration of meeting your soul-mate.

Soulmate a life partner

A Life Partner is more like a companion or friend that you feel a strong connection.

It may not be a deep, soul connection like a soul mate, but there would be a mutual feeling of trust, understanding, and respect.

A life partner is someone who is dependable and considerate of your needs and wants.

Of course, a life partner is also someone that you are attracted to and that you love and care for.

Meeting your Life Partner is usually not something you spiritually or energetically prepare yourself for like you would with a soulmate.

Instead, it requires emotional and mental preparation and physically putting yourself out there.

It is possible to have your Soulmate also be your Life Partner and it is also possible that you and your Life Partner can develop a deeper, soul connection– it all just depends on which direction you choose to steer.

What is the difference between a Soulmate Relationship and Life Partner Relationship?

Here are the different characteristics of each relationship:

Soulmate Relationship

  • You feel a deep, spiritual connection to this person almost like you have known them for a long time.
  • You seem to understand each other and have a similar way of thinking.
  • You may have similar flaws or habits, or you both had similar challenges during childhood.
  • Your connection is intense and so too is the relationship. Often it can move from extreme highs to extreme lows.
  • You feel in sync with each other even when you are not physically together. There may be a feeling of having to team up together to conquer something.
  • You know intuitively what the other is thinking or feeling. You feel very in-tune and connected with their thoughts and actions.
  • Your relationship is emotional, challenging, and can bring things out in you that you didn’t know existed.
  • You may experience huge shifts and changes in your life when you first meet this person.
  • Your relationship may not last forever but the love is always there.

Life Partner Relationship

  • You feel attracted to each other physically and resonate with each other’s values.
  • You enjoy getting to know each other and learn about your differences and similarities- everything about each other feels new and exciting.
  • You get along like best friends- your relationship does not suffer from extremes.
  • Your relationship is based on logical or intellectual decisions.
  • You resonate with each other’s beliefs, ideas, or religion/philosophy.
  • You both feel a sense of financial and emotional stability by being together.
  • Your relationship is based on being physically present and creating new memories.
  • You feel the need to marry or start a family in order to ‘cement’ your relationship.



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